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Gauri Shankar Rudraksha improves relations between the wearer and his/her spouse, friends and relatives.By worshiping Gauri Shankar Rudraksha, all the pains, sufferings, and other earthly obstacles of the wearer are destroyed as per Ancient Vedic TextsGauri Shankar Rudraksha should be worn by unmarr..
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Brand: JDJ Astrology Model: Product 26
Material - White MetalSales Package - 1 ItemDimension:12.5CMx11CMX10CMCare Instruction - Don't wash, use dry cotton cloth to remove dirt..
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Brand: JDJ Astrology Model: Product 27
This Mala is specially used for chanting Mantras of Bagalamukhi and Jupiter.Haldi Mala can be used to attain victory over your enemies, the resolution of a litigation, and success in quarrels and competitions.Turmeric is considered one of the most purifying herbs in Ayurveda and is associated with f..
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Brand: JDJ Astrology Model: Product 28
Use this to bring lots of wealth, prosperity and well-being in your life. If you are facing lots of problem in your business, you must wear Kamal Gutta. It solves all problems related to business.For Wealth point of view Lotus Seed is very beneficial for you. Kamal Gatta Seeds are also very benefici..
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Brand: JDJ Astrology Model: Product 29
KAMAL GUTTA (LOTUS SEED) MALA (108 BEADS):Kamal gatta rosary is a symbol of Godess laxmi. If you are desirous of getting much wealth in your life, then you must perform japa of Godess laxmi with kamal gatta mala.The Goddess is easily appeased if one uses this rosary for the chanting of her Mantra an..
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Brand: JDJ Astrology Model: Product 31
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Brand: JDJ Astrology Model: Product 32
✔ Yellow cowry is one of the essential puja object in laxmi poojan✔ Set of 11 pieces✔ On the auspicious occassion of Dhanteras and Akshay Triteeya, Yellow Kaudi must be kept be kept at pooja place to ensure flow of money in the family.✔ It can be used in Puja sthan or Car. Keeping Yellow Kaudi is us..
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Brand: JDJ Astrology Model: Product 33
Very Rare 5.50CT MACH MANI(SEA Stone 1 Gram) with Lab Certificatemach mani ston ek praacheen ratn hai, lekin prakaashan nahin hone ke kaaran isaka abhyaas nahin kiya ja saka. is ratn kee kahaanee seedhe raamaayan se sambandhit hai. raamaayan mein hanumaan ke ek putr kee kahaanee aatee hai. usaka naa..
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Brand: JDJ Astrology Model: Product 34
Very Rare 5.50CT MACH MANI(SEA Stone 1 Gram) with Lab CertificateMach Mani Stone is an ancient gem, but due to non-publication, it could not be practiced. The story of this gem is directly related to the Ramayana. In the Ramayana, the story of a son of Hanuman comes. His name is – Makardhavaj. ..
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Brand: JDJ Astrology Model: Product 36
A strong protection gemstone, Jasper Stone for healing is known to protect against hazards of the night. Red Jasper Stone is very lucky for actors. Jasper Stone is a powerful securing and stability quartz gemstone. This gemstone is a strong protection against things, which are not good for you..
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Brand: JDJ Astrology Model: Product 37
Hessonite or Gomed (Hindi) is a honey colored Calcium Aluminium Silicate having an important place in the Hindu scriptures. This stone is believed to be ruled by the Vedic planet ‘Rahu’. Hessonite gets its name from a Greek word 'Hesson' which stands for inferior'. It is named so because 'Rahu' ..
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Brand: JDJ Astrology Model: Product 41
Found in the Gomati River, the Gomati chakra stones are popular remedies for many problems people face in their day to day lives. Gomati Chakra is a white coloured stone with small circles seen on one side of the stone and the chakras are considered to be a symbol of goddess Lakshmi. Gomati Chakra r..
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