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    Right direction seven horse painting as per vastu. paintings at home are not only used for attractiveness or decoration of home they also have significant role in vastu. hence it should be proper and as per vastu shastra. a wrong direction and sometimes wrong painting can cause negative effect in your life. as per vastu, the running horse painting is very effective and plays a vital role in member’s life of the home where present. as per vastu, it is said that running horse painting effects in getting rid of the finance problem. we cannot deny that everything revolves around wage in practical world however we also assume wage is not everything. but when it comes to the business or profit and loss, everybody is concerned about wage.Importance of vastu in our routine life is very high. now the entire world admire its benefits. in vastu image of seven horses keeps its place on top but we need to understand the correct way of hanging and correct image of seven horses. horses are symbol of energy, health and prosparity as we measure power of any mechanical engine in horse-power. so in ancient books it is recommended to hang or sketch seven horses painting in our house or business places for enhancing power, energy and prosperity. the correct and best image should have seven white horses running in front or in right hand of the person who is watching the image. semi white horses are also advisable. to enhance the effect, horses should run on sea shore in morning sunlight. this will give the best effect positively. we as shine india handicrafts tried hard to maintain all