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    Listed below are the top ten benefits of peridot gemstone:

    1.  Wearing a peridot can bring prosperity and happiness as it boosts creative powers and resulting satisfaction gained from work.

    2. Individual wearing peridot gemstone can gain tremendously by way psychological healing. It is a gemstone for emotional strength and letting go of the past.

    3. Natural peridot can be a great gemstone for individuals suffering from depression or anger issues (one needs to check the suitability of the gemstone in ones birth chart though)

    4. Peridot gemstones have capacity for healing liver and digestion related ailments. They are believed to have regenerative powers.

    5. If you are constantly battling any kind of fear as one of your biggest challenge, then fear is the gemstone for you as it directly works on the heart chakra and gets healing!

    6. Peridot is said to rejuvenate and better the power of sight and also boost immunity

    7. Wearing a peridot is said to bring good luck and help the wearer realise cherished dreams

    8. Peridot helps an individual in discovering ones hidden talents leading to ultimate purpose in life

    9. Protection from evil eye and negative energy is present for the one wearing a peridot

    10. Peridot is an excellent gem for people working with natural products, nature and for earth healers. It’s green color is representative of the Earth’s powers backing the endeavours.