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  • 1,600.00 800.00
    • Original sphatik mala
    • Sphatik mala is believed to increase spirituality, wisdom and insight and promote clarity of thoughts
    • Diamond cut mala
    • 108+1 beads
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    • This Mala is specially used for chanting Mantras of Bagalamukhi and Jupiter.
    • Haldi Mala can be used to attain victory over your enemies, the resolution of a litigation, and success in quarrels and competitions.
    • Turmeric is considered one of the most purifying herbs in Ayurveda and is associated with fertility. One who wears this mala attains peace of mind and gets rid of anxiety, depression and tensions. The person also acquires a good amount of spiritual powers.
    • Total number of 7/8mm beads =(108+1) 109
    • Keep in a place of sanctity.Wash them occasionally to remove dirt and dust.
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    Kamal gatta is also known as Lotus seeds and these strung together in a specific age old way makes this japamala or the rosary which is to be used in prayers. The Lotus bead mala is used while offering prayers to Goddess Laxmi and the use of this will enhance not only your spiritual practice but also help you gain wealth. The Odisha Bazaar lotus seeds prayer rosary can be used to while worshipping during ceremonies or on a daily basis *Traditional Design *The rosary for prayers is used widely in Hinduism and is known as the Kamal gatta mala which is made from dried lotus seeds.

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    Pure Moti Mala is considered to be auspicious. It provides the person with the Moon’s calming effect and renders peace of mind, frees the person from nervous disorders, and enhances wealth and prosperity.
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    Rudraksha mala of 108 divine beads of 4 mm size With Attar Fool Incense Zipper Pack
    Ideal for sadhana| meditation| yoga| mantra recitation| puja| & self-consecration| or to be worn for spiritual protection.
    Place prayer beads in mala pouch when not in use to preserve spiritual energy accumulated through sadhana| mantra meditation| or through the blessings of gurus & deities.

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    Original Tulsi Mala / Asli Tulsi Mala 6mm Bead
    The tulsi mala or a rosary made from the holy basil plant, is a beautiful thing to possess and wear. Hindus see the tulsi mala – the light, chandan-coloured one (see right photo) as a way to connect to Vishnu or any of hisavatars like Krishna and Rama, while the Buddhists prefer the black tulsi mala (see photo below) to chant and usher in good fortune.

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    Vaijanti is rare seed mostly found in the forests around Mathura which is also known as the land of Krishna. This seed is mainly related to love & victory over any adversity, the mala made of these vaijanti beads is believed to be dear to Lord Krishna. The beads are beautiful, smooth shiny and have white & whitish grey color. They are slightly elongated, shaped more or less like tear drops. It gives soothing feeling while doing japa and also very attractive to wear.While doing japa, common mantras upon Krishna or Lord Vishnu are invoked while turning this mala.

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    • Original Sphatic Mala. Not a Cheap Chinese imitation. Sphatik (Quartz Crystal) empowers & protects by amplifying & focusing energy. Sphatic Mala Stores, releases and regulates energy. Also supports healing and increases intuition. Sphatic Mala Facilitates growth and awareness, & opens the Chakras for meditation and spiritual development. Infused with Reiki Energy and Mantra, this handcrafted Sacred Mala was created using Crystal Quartzs.
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    सुलेमानी हकीक धारण करने के लाभ :

    • हर तरह के काला जादू और बुरी नजर के प्रभाव से बचाता है और अगर किसी को ऐसा लगता हो कि उस पर किसी की बुरी नजर है तो ऐसी अवस्‍था में उसे हकीक तुरंत धारण कर लेना चाहिए।
    • नौकरी या व्‍यवसाय में अगर परेशानी आ रही हो तो भी इस रत्‍न को धारण करना बहुत उचित रहता है। यह विपत्‍ती और परेशानियों में आपको संभाले रखने का काम करता है।
    • आपमें आकर्षण को बढ़ाता है इसलिए अगर आप किसी को अपना बनाना चाहते हैं या चाहते हैं कि सामने वाला बस आपकी तारीफ के कसीदे पड़ता रहे तो इस चमत्‍कारिक पत्‍थर को धारण करने में बिल्‍कुल भी देरी न करें।
    • सभी रत्‍नों में सिर्फ यही ऐसा पत्‍थर है जो कर तरह के किए कराए का काट है। इसलिए अगर ऐसा लगता हो कि किसी की बुरी नजर के कारण आपका घर में अशांति है और व्‍यापार में लगातार घाटा हो रहा है तो इसे अवश्‍य धारण करें।
    • इस पत्‍थर को धारण करने से शत्रुओं का समूल नाश हो जाता है। यह सेहत के लिए भी किसी रामबाण जैसा है।
    • अगर आप राहू केतु और शनि के दुष्‍प्रभावों से पीडि़त हैं तो सिर्फ सुलेमानी हकीक को धारण किजीए यह इन तीनों ग्रहों के अच्‍छे फल को देगा।