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    New Feng Shui Education Tower- Metal Pagoda Tower

    Feng shui Pagoda is a lucky symbol associated to protection and education and career luck.

    The pagoda is a temple of knowledge, peace and silence.

    It symbolizes the path of wisdom.

    It is said that a person who knows more or is knowledgeable stands firm like a mountain or a pagoda and cannot be shaken by anything.

    The Pagoda is believed to possess the power to tame unruly minds and behaviors.

    The Pagoda is a very useful Feng Shui enhancer and cure that brings literary luck, fame luck, protection and advancement in career.

    It is also potent to ward off bad energy and killing forces (shar chi) in your abode.

    1. Place Pagoda behind you at work to stimulate your career Chi, giving you influence over the people in your charge, making them listen to you.

    It will also protect your investments, ward off backstabbing and negative intentions from enemies at work thus enhance your career for promotional opportunities.

    2. Pagoda on your study desk is used for literary success.

    It helps you to focus your mental powers and develop better concentration and memory when you study thus help in attainment of educational success.

    Size- 6 Inches (Brass Finish)