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    Charmed feng-shui set of 15 lucky coins a symbol of good luck, these ‘feng-shui 15 lucky coins’ will definitely bring prosperity, peace and wealth in your life. You can keep these coins in your purse or even in bank locker to bring luck. If you own a business, there is a variety of way to use the coins according to classical chinese feng shui schools. You can use them near the cash register, on the inside of your door, with your financial papers, near the phone, you name it.

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    Made of clear crystal. Hung in windows, crystals can bring chi energy from the outside into dark areas of your home or office. A crystal placed in the south-east, north-west, or center of a room can aid in stimulating prosperity. Only the finest quality lead crystal is used which makes them the most valued type of crystal. Each is made with a hole for hanging in your window or attaching to projects. They make great gifts the sparkle in this crystal a makes it a gorgeous and easy gift or ornament these are priced to sell this crystal prism is gorgeous crystal helps to harness positive flow of chi(energy). It brings live and fresh energy in to a stagnant room. Besides their dramatic beauty, using crystals is one of the most powerful methods for improving the flow of healthy “chi” energy in an environment. When we energize with a crystal, we are energizing our earth luck which is one of the three type of lucks according to feng shui. When crystals are used it brings extra good luck almost anywhere you place them. According to vastu attract more positive energy by hanging in window to attract sun rays to the house. Place 8 crystals at north east to improve education luck. Place 2 crystals at south west to improve the relationship luck. Hang crystal in window to attract auspicious sunrays.

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    This will keep wealth energy constantly beside you, always opening up new opportunities. Three metal coins which are strung together on a red strings is a symbolism of a magnet for wealth luck as they represent the trinity of luck – heaven, earth and mankind. The coins are tied in a red ribbon to empower its energy. Sold in sets of three. This 3 Coins Amulet can be placed in the vicinity of cash registers of business telephones, as this is believed to increase customer awareness, therefore generating more sales. They can also be placed in areas dealing with monetary gain, such as a wallet, cheque book or work desk. Other ways you use this good luck charm: 1) Keep the Three coins in your wallet or handbag, and carry them with you on all outings. This will keep wealth energy constantly beside you, always opening up new opportunities. 2) This Feng Shui product will create a strong atmosphere of wealth when placed in all four corners of any room, be it in the home or the work place. 3) Attaching three coins to all prominent documents in your life, such as cheque and bank books, business portfolios and cash trackers will ensure a greater flow of monetary gain. 4) To stimulate the effects of the wealth corner (Feng Shui Bagua), attach the three coins tassels in the Southeast sector of your living room, bedroom or work place. 5) The three Feng Shui coins on red thread can also be placed, Yang side up, upon business hardware, such as printers, fax machines and cash registers, to increase customer awareness, therefore enhancing commerce opportunities. The Chinese coins so should be cleansed every Lunar New Year. If you choose, you can place them in a singing bowl and refresh with incense, or you can simply purchase new sets as they are inexpensive.

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    A three legged toad with a coin in his mouth is supposed to be a very auspicious anima. It is used to remove negative energy to bring harmony, peace, energy, happiness and prosperity to the home. Quality of the product and customer satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed.

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    This kit includes Dhanakarshak Samagri in small bag as follows: – Laghu Nariyal (small coconut) 1, Laxmi Cowrie 5, Lal Gunja seeds 5, Rudraksha 1, Lotus Seeds 3, White Moti 1, Hakik Stone 1, Gomati Chakra 5, Nagkeshar, and Wealth Coin. This Samagri is used to worship Goddess Laxmi. As per belief, this Samagri brings the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi,magnetizes wealth, material comforts and prosperity toward you. Also resolver the money related problems and gives abundance and prosperity. It helps to beat the obstacles and create a new path of awareness. This Puja Samagri is already energized,can be placed in pooja room or inside the main door of home, office and work place etc.

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    This pendant is a special combination of all nine planetary gemstones known as Navratna Gems.

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    New Feng Shui Education Tower- Metal Pagoda Tower

    Feng shui Pagoda is a lucky symbol associated to protection and education and career luck.

    The pagoda is a temple of knowledge, peace and silence.

    It symbolizes the path of wisdom.

    It is said that a person who knows more or is knowledgeable stands firm like a mountain or a pagoda and cannot be shaken by anything.

    The Pagoda is believed to possess the power to tame unruly minds and behaviors.

    The Pagoda is a very useful Feng Shui enhancer and cure that brings literary luck, fame luck, protection and advancement in career.

    It is also potent to ward off bad energy and killing forces (shar chi) in your abode.

    1. Place Pagoda behind you at work to stimulate your career Chi, giving you influence over the people in your charge, making them listen to you.

    It will also protect your investments, ward off backstabbing and negative intentions from enemies at work thus enhance your career for promotional opportunities.

    2. Pagoda on your study desk is used for literary success.

    It helps you to focus your mental powers and develop better concentration and memory when you study thus help in attainment of educational success.

    Size- 6 Inches (Brass Finish)