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Tiger Eye Stone

Tiger Eye Stone

Tiger Eye Introduction

Tiger Eye  is a spiritual malawhich attractsluck, prosperity and money. However, it has great divine quality as well. Tiger Eye is a powerful stone. The gemstone known as Tiger Eye is a form of chalcedony Quartz. Tiger Eye is named in this manner, as it has strong resemblance to the eyes of a Tiger or a cat’s eye with its brown colour base and its Gold yellow,comes primarily from part of Asia and part of Africa.

Tigers Eye Rosary is a of strength, courage, will and special power. It is very shiny and is also called rosary of good luck stone. Tiger Eye Beads Prayer Mala is worn to help encourage energy flow through the body and boost strength. It also supports us to cope with worrying situation. It also aids in digestion and complete health. The liqui d association of light across the useful stone makes it an outstanding tool for vision or divination work.

Tiger Eye Benefits:

Tiger Eye brings insight into complex situations

Tiger Eye attracts good luck

It guards from negative energies

It can deepen your meditative state

Tiger Eye  improves focus of the mind

Tiger Eye  dispels fears

Tiger Eye  promotes mental clarity

Tiger Eye  grounds and concentrates personal energy

Tiger Eye  boostscreativity, and to upsurge passion and compassion. In the Feng Shui ritual, orange is linked with abundance, organization, creativity and is "Yang." This powerful stone is connected with the second chakra and evokes fertility and stimulate passion

Tiger Eye Stone
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