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Sphatik Diamond Cut Mala Crystal White

Sphatik Diamond Cut Mala Crystal White

General Information about Sphatika Mala

Sphatika mala or Quartz crystal, a gift given to us by earth is a good conductor of energy. Sphatic is known to fulfill one’s desires in life.

A person becomes intelligent, finds wisdom and sense of well being is promoted With good luck and positive energy that an individual finds on adorning a sphatik crystal, the mental prowess are boosted many times over.

If the moon is wrongly placed in your kundali (birthchart), you should adorn a mala of Sphatik. Pure Sphatik is transparent, and it correspondingly brings about a greater clarity of thoughts and boosts the memory.

If you adorn and wear any gemstone, you could use ,adorn Sphatik mala along with the same because Sphatik mala has no side effects, and can be adorned along with all gemstones, also sphatika will enhance the energy of other crystals. With Sphatik crystal, emotional and deep relationship find strength as the mind is strengthened.

It enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting.Sphatik is a power stone. Sphatik is a stone of clarity and dispels negativity. While it can be used to purify and clarify on the spiritual, mental, and physical planes, it is also a stone of harmony.

Sphatik Mala Benefits

Sphatik or Quartz crystal is a conductor of energy.

Sphatik can be used to cleanse and purify the atmosphere of even large areas - our homes and work places. It has strong field of light and energy which can be used as a sonic protection against negative VIBES Wearing a crystal mala ensures an undisturbed deep sleep. The movement of ions through the molecular structure of a Sphatik clears and neutralizes negative conditions in the aura of people of all ages. It can become our own personal healer for the body. Sphatik helps enhance our intuitive power.

Sphatika beads stimulates one's intelligence and purifies the mind and so speech will become sweet and will get a captive attraction of voice. The key property that the sphatik crystal has is to allow the wearer to get rid of all the negativity in the environment and that the positive vibes reach him with in a more enhanced manner. A wearer thus finds protection from all negative energies in the environment.

Sphatik mala acts as an ideal adornment for someone who may be suffering from hypertension, Sphatik malas are also used as prayer, rosary beads Cool the body and calm the mind.

Sphatik brings about financial, mental and social benefits. Sphatik rosaries are used to count mantras while worshiping goddesses like Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati, etc.

Sphatik Diamond Cut Mala Crystal White
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