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ॐ गं गणपतये नम:।

Pure Sphatik Lingam

Pure Sphatik Lingam

100% Pure Sphatik Lingam  

The vibrations present in the spatika lingam are very high and will counteract all the negative effects of planets Worshipping Spatika Linga will give confidence, power, perfection and removes all sorts of worries. Spatika  Lingam worship will enhance wealth and prosperity. Spatika Shiva lingam gives tremendous concentration and is better for students, businessmen and people who need to achieve goals.

Goddess Sarawathi always holds spatika mala in her hand. Spatika will bring electro-chemical balance in the body and absorbs excess heat. Spatika Shiva Lingam attracts the sunlight and reflects 7-colors as the rainbow.

Pouring water on Spatika Lingam(Crystal Quartz) will ionize the water and this water is having different healing properties. Spatikam will restore the water crystalline structure and prevents pollution.

By drinking abhishekam water from spatikam lingam, These liquids carry heavy loads of oxygen to each and every cell in the blood stream and eliminates the free radicals from the body and prevent diseases. Spatika lingam will increase alkalinity levels and electrical conductivity of the liquids and decrease the surface tension of liquid. Intake of abhishekam liquids makes the human body to operate much more smoothly.

According gemologist these Crystals will need to recharge to release negative energies. There are so many prescribed methods washing Spatikam in sea water, River water, burying crystals inside earth for sometime, exposing crystals to sun or moon rays,Creating Sound vibrations by ringing bell.

100% Pure Crystal Lingam with Stand/Sphatik Lingam with Stand/Most Powerful Crystal Lingam for Positive Vibration and Prosperity

Pure Sphatik Lingam
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