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ॐ गं गणपतये नम:।

Natural Sulemani mala original gemstone beads agate mala

Natural Sulemani mala original gemstone beads agate mala

Benefits from Agate Hakik:

It is believed that wearing Sulemani haqiq or keeping it nearby only increases the confidence. It releases negative energy, which removes sadness, confusion and irritable pangs.

Apart from this, Sulemani Hakik is also used as a protective stone. By keeping the Sulemani hakik with you, evil eyes do not fall on you and you are also protected from evil spirits. That's why mothers keep this stone around their newborns.

Filled with properties, this stone transmits positive energy in the body and balances the person naturally. It has been observed that keeping this stone in the bed room leads to good sleep and also reduces the habit of waking up at night.

Wearing the Sulemani haqiq makes one more focused and devoted to his or her goal. It is believed that wearing it gives more good performance in the workplace, work takes mind and useless things do not come to mind. Builds balance between heart and brain, which also improves decision-making.

Sulemani Hakik has also been considered very useful for maintaining good relations. It preserves love in married life.

Natural Sulemani mala original gemstone beads agate mala
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