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ॐ गं गणपतये नम:।

Haldi Mala Baglamukhi Mala Turmeric 108

Haldi Mala Baglamukhi Mala Turmeric 108
  • This Mala is specially used for chanting Mantras of Bagalamukhi and Jupiter.
  • Haldi Mala can be used to attain victory over your enemies, the resolution of a litigation, and success in quarrels and competitions.
  • Turmeric is considered one of the most purifying herbs in Ayurveda and is associated with fertility. One who wears this mala attains peace of mind and gets rid of anxiety, depression and tensions. The person also acquires a good amount of spiritual powers.
  • Total number of 7/8mm beads =(108+1) 109
  • Keep in a place of sanctity.Wash them occasionally to remove dirt and dust.
Haldi Mala Baglamukhi Mala Turmeric 108
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