Venus transits and placements in the New Year would be important for the Taurus Horoscope 2019, as it is the ruling planet for the sign.  With Venus being placed in your 6th house during the beginning of the year, your Taurean endurance and willpower might be tested by illness and opposition from adversaries. Your earthly qualities will prevail and you will spring back soon from this spate of negativity. 2019 brings you big surprises in romance. Love is in the air; on the cards and spread like sunshine all around you this year! New beginnings, re-ignited sparks of love and even marriage are on the cards for you. 

Your diligence and popularity might invite some envy. You can stay balanced in the whirlwind with your innate qualities and strength. Put your best foot forward in all your endeavours and you will be surprised by the blessings showered on you by the cosmos. Perseverance is your key to success this year. Have a plan B in place when Saturn starts its retrograde motion on the 30th of April. Offers and opportunities may be abruptly taken away from you during this time, though you will never see a dip in your enthusiasm and energy due to the Taurus gifts of strength and stamina, and that is all it takes to jump over any hurdle which you may come across. You are dependable and firm as a rock as always, dear Taurus.

Your equation with your seniors will play a crucial role in 2019. They have the capacity to elevate you to new heights will provide ample opportunities to prove your mettle at work. New Assignments and projects are in the offing as well. Things will be exciting at work! You should focus on a specific personal goal this year. Find a pursuit that is the closest to your heart. You should do a deep analysis of what you want in the New Year and religiously work on that.  The stars are in your favour and you will achieve that which you aim for. It’s important to surround yourself with positive people this year, surround yourself with family, friends and other well-wishers as your endeavors are going to be challenging. Stress can drain your energy, so it is important to take a break when you reach your limits. Rest, relax and rejuvenating regularly, treat your earthly senses with aromatherapy or a walk in the woods. In short, don’t forget to stop by and smell the roses in your pursuit of happiness! Health issues may crop up during the June- September time period. A vacation or getaway should be on your to-do list this year. Plan it during the summers and you will be rejuvenated when you return.

Taurus Love Horoscope 2019

Your fifth house is ruled by Mercury which will be in conjunction with Jupiter in your 7th house at the beginning of the year. 2019 carries some very exciting prospects for the Taurus love-life, there is an aura of romance, the blossoming of new relationships and a lot of flirting around you this year, so buckle up, it’s going to be a romantic roller-coaster for you this year! Those of you recovering from a break up might meet someone new in the unlikeliest of places. It seems that luck is in favour of the Taurus love-life in 2019. Relationships with those born under earth signs will grow strongly this year. You may have to stay away from the company of your partner during mid-April and May 2019, as your professional responsibilities are likely to keep you busy throughout the year. But, this would make your love more intense, as distance makes the heart grow fonder.

You appreciate stability and security above all else in romance Taurus. You will only be happy in warm, comfortable, and, safe relationships, and you will only prize a loyal and loving partner. A relationship is always alluring, but you are not made for flings and short relationships, though you may convince yourself that you can survive it. You have a tendency to stay attached even after perpetual disappointments. Choose your partner wisely Taurus, don’t let the rush and excitement of a new relationship make you impervious to your own needs.


Retrogression of Saturn and Jupiter in April may cause some turmoil if you are in a serious relationship already. Your mate may not find it easy to discuss some issues with you and this may increase the problems between you two. You need to initiate interactions and be emotionally available to them, and patiently probe them to find the reason for the underlying distress.  This lack of understanding is likely to cause some minor problems. Believe in your love and talk out your differences, you will be able to sail through this phase. Dear earthy friend, be patient until May, as the universe takes some time to respond and you will be surprised to see how your love manifests out of thin air. During this time, be open to social events and gatherings. You should pay careful attention to your appearance when you do every day errands. Your new love interest may be very close but perfectly camouflaged in the chaos, waiting to appear in front of you when it’s time.

Taurus Career Horoscope 2019

Lord of your 10th house- Saturn will be placed in your eighth house as we enter the New Year. There are indications that your Taurus career in 2019 will take you to new heights and new destinations, and you will find a lot of exciting new opportunities. You may come across an opportunity to go abroad or to a distant destination as part of work. Your ideas will be unique and will help you get noticed in the crowd. You should not obstruct the free flow of ideas and suggestions with your inhibitions. 2019 is the year for achieving the impossible in your workplace. Whether it is business or a job, whatever you undertake will reach its target as planets favour you on the career front this year. However, you should be wary of your enemies and colleagues. They will bother you the most during January when Venus will be placed in your 6th house. Be extra careful during this time period. Take all suggestions and proposals from an unlikely friend with a pinch of salt during this time period.

Your career progress this year will boost your confidence, Taurus. You feel secure in your position, and you are proud of your current status; however, this year is going to force you to push the envelope a bit. In June a long-term assignment which you were working on will come to an end. Your chances of going abroad will surface during this time period. You should put in your heart and soul for this assignment because this is supposed to earn you many accolades. Dear earthly friend your loyalty and perseverance will pay off, be patient.  You and your boss may not agree on certain matters; don`t say a word as the problem is likely to be resolved on its own. A very good time is indicated for business professionals as your long pending deals are finalized and you get satisfactory returns.


If you are looking for a job in 2019, do not put all your hopes on one interview, you should keep on trying at other places as well. This is the perfect time for you to start preparing for competitive examinations and tests.

2019 will be particularly good for Taurus natives in fashion, business and medical fields. Business people need to calculate your risks carefully before investing in new shares.

Taurus Finance Horoscope 2019

The planet which will have key influence over your finances is Mercury; it will be stationed in your second house at the beginning of the New Year.  This favourable positioning along with Jupiter’s positioning in your eleventh house implies healthy financial gains in 2019. You will forge new partnerships in 2019, and they will turn out to be beneficial and profitable. Taurus Finance Horoscope 2019 says, you will be able to repay an old loan which you will be carrying over to the New Year. This will remove a lot of burden from your head and make you feel more relaxed financially. You will evolve into a much more financially disciplined person in 2019 by reducing unnecessary and frivolous expenses. This will definitely help you in building up substantial savings. You may have to spend a chunk of your earnings for some events and festivities in the New Year.  You will be well informed about these.

In April when Saturn and Jupiter retrogression happens, expect to see expenses rise. You won’t be able to control this at first, dear determined friend, but don’t panic. Keep doing what you do best: remain conservative and stick to your budget. By midyear, all your issues will be sorted and you will have a strong hold on your finances. You are famous for being a high achiever in all that you do because you are calm and patient and you never ever give up. In 2019, remember that change is good for you. You need to stay uprooted and replant in a larger, more beautiful place Taurus, so that you may grow stronger. Taureans, who are into business, will have lady luck on their side this year when it comes to deals, partnerships, and most ventures. Businesspeople should be wary of lending money to friends this year. If you are approached for a loan or financial help, ensure you don`t depend on just verbal promises and instead get something in writing. You are advised not to take extreme risks while investing and to always consult an elderly person who is more experienced than you before making any crucial move. Architects, financiers and builders will be very successful in their professions this year. Those with a fixed income will receive financial gains from their parents or through inherited assets and properties.

Taurus Health Horoscope 2019

Taurus health in 2019 may not be at its best after considering the movements and placements in your second house throughout the year. You may be troubled by skin related ailments or pain in your joints during this time period. The root cause of most of the health issues is stress. Things will be much better for you on the health front during 2019 if you can stay calm and keep your mind tension free. You can do this by engaging yourself in some creative work and by warding off all negative vibes. Make some efforts to enhance mental toughness. A tension free mind is a must if you want to concentrate on your work. We strongly advise you to practice yoga, meditation or aromatherapy during 2019, it will work wonders for you. Be sure to include even more fruits and vegetables into your diet in the New Year.  Always stick to a healthy diet and reduce eating junk food and oily food. You should give priority to your sleep and rest along with exercises and should be able to strike a perfect balance between these two in 2019.

You should take extra care of your health and hygiene during September-October 2019, because there are chances of getting affected by contagious diseases during this time period. Youngsters should try not to put in long hours on the computer or take enough brakes and rest in between. Excessive time spent at the keyboard may lead to a neck and wrist problem or even neurological problems. You may have to undergo a small surgery during mid-2019 for rectifying a pre-existing condition. You don’t need to worry about your doctor’s orders, you will be fine. Lose those extra pounds you`ve been carrying around and you will increase your energy and confidence levels.

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