Jupiter transits and positioning in 2019 are important for Sagittarians as the planet rules the zodiac sign and expert astrologers of Astroyogi has given due consideration for making the Sagittarius Horoscope 2019.  With Jupiter in your twelfth house, get ready to usher in a year full of financial prosperity. The New Year will be a good year for making investments and considering economic alliances in business. The influence of Jupiter will also bless you with the gift of having the ability to help others in their time of need. Your near and dear ones will look up to you for help and you will feel proud and happy by helping them out. Your popularity in the New Year will rise and your attitude and outlook will be a source of inspiration to people around you in 2019. The credit for this goes to the Sagittarian aptitude for luck; people like you and want to help you out. So you can expect the support and guidance of your family and friends in any new endeavours you undertake in 2019. You will be effortlessly popular and very much a people person in the New Year. Tolerance, kindness and leadership are your best qualities and you should capitalize on these. Though there would be a steady flow of money there would also be corresponding expenses. All these expenses will prove beneficial for you in the long run.

There will be many opportunities to socialize and to make friends in the New Year. Your natural optimism has been a powerful force within you throughout your life, Sagittarius, and it will continue to help you in 2019 also. You are truly a free spirit, and your independence is very important for you, keep that in mind when you forge new relationships. In the first quarter of this year, you will have the opportunity to embrace something new in both your personal and professional life. You are the most likeable of the zodiac signs, Sagittarius, and your willingness to help your friends and family with anything they need will be much appreciated. This year will definitely provide you with many opportunities to help those in need. Although an independent sign, the support and love from your loved ones nourishes and fortifies you in ways that you might not expect. These planetary placements of the New Year promote a good understanding between couples even if you are fundamentally very different from one another. There is good news for those who are seeking love or are recovering from a break up. You may fall for someone who may have absolutely opposite personality traits to yours. The probability of a romance blossoming at work is high.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2019

Fiery Mars bears the torch for Sagittarius love in 2019, as it is the lord of your fifth house. Mars will be placed in your fourth house at the beginning of 2019. There is an unexpected twist to your relationships this year. Your mother may influence your relationships and romantic equations in 2019! Though this maybe a bit tricky to comprehend, this is what the stars indicate. Love is an adventure for you Sagittarius! Your ideal relationship should be fun and breezy, full of frolic and flirtation. You truly admire your lover, and during January- February 2019, things will be light-hearted and fabulous. Toward the end of February, you may feel the pressure to take your relationship to the next level. This will be wonderful news: an engagement or a marriage will be the right move if you have found the right partner. You might feel overwhelmed, it’s quite natural, let this emotion ride, and do not panic. By the end of March, your acceptance will become tremendous joy, as you begin to realize what an incredible gift you have been given. If you are looking for love, you will have fantastic dates and exciting encounters during June and September. Have fun during this time period, but expect someone very special to enter your life and don’t be too casual with them. Pay close attention; this person is quite unexpected, a perfect match, too good to be true!

2019 is a promising year for your romantic life. Don’t waste your time ruminating over the ‘what ifs’ of your past relationships, and don’t hesitate to start new ones because this is the golden hour of your love life. You may have to make important some decisions regarding your love life; you may not seem ready for it yet. But deep inside you have the ability to gauge things perfectly and to take the right decision. You will have an opportunity to have a parallel relationship if you are staying away from your partner.  But take a wise decision and don’t be impulsive. Music and movies will be a delightful escape this year when you are going through tough times in your relationship. Plan an adventure trip like, trekking or rafting during December this year, this will help you to spend more time with each other and it will be a memorable trip for both of you. This year may demand a lot of time and investment in your love life, it’s important to invest your energy in areas you wish to see flourish. If your top priority is to be in a relationship in 2019, then side-line all other things for achieving this because the planets are on your side. But if you have enough reason to believe that it is not worth all that time and effort, you are the boss here and you get to decide.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope 2019

The lord of your Career house is Mercury which will be placed in the 12th house with Jupiter as we start our journey in 2019, says the Sagittarius Career Horoscope 2019. Hard work and nothing else will crack success for you in 2019 at the career front, indicates the Sagittarius Career Horoscope 2019. Don’t choose any shortcuts when you are bestowed with a responsibility on the work front as it may backfire. 2019 urges you to think out of the box and to push yourself to finish pending projects. You may find yourself weighing your options and thinking of ways to expand your horizons during the first quarter of 2019. Don’t make it too late to come up with a decision as you may miss out on an excellent offer. April 2019 may see unnecessary delays in all your endeavours. Businesses may be affected due to blockage of funds, and, legal hassles may also bother you. Your family members may express their concerns and complains regarding your busy work schedule by June which will add up to the already burgeoning stress. Considering the challenges and tension imparted to you in 2019, it is advised that you take a small break during June or July this year. This will recharge your batteries and get you ready for the rest of the action which awaits you at the workplace.

Maintaining an optimistic outlook on the work front is important, consider all circumstances that you encounter as learning experiences and bounce back with vigour and passion for work. We can definitely say that 2019 would be a fairly stable year for you as far as career is concerned. Especially for those of you who are in sales and marketing, you will see many opportunities for climbing up the ladder. Students will be able to focus on their studies this year which will give excellent results. For people in the publishing business, this is an excellent time period as some big-ticket contracts or projects may come your way. A career in 2019 expects you to be prepared for the unexpected, need not worry; it will be all good in the end.


Sagittarius Finance Horoscope 2019

This year you might be motivated by some past investments which yielded good profits to invest more money in that investment scheme, suggests the Sagittarius Finance Horoscope 2019. Businesspeople will get good returns it they expand their business this year, but do consult a financial expert before taking any major step. If you are successful in expanding your business you will see yourself reaping huge profits soon. However, during mid-2019, some ups and downs in the financial market may keep you worried but you should just stay calm and rational during this time period. It is advised to sell your shares only when you get a good price on them, even if you have small financial crunches in between. Avoid making any hasty decisions during such situations, this is just temporary and shall pass. Make sure you do not waste your money, especially around mid-2019. You might have a tendency to spend money on friends and for partying, to keep your social life exciting and happening. We advise you to keep a sensible head on your shoulder. Avoid lending and borrowing, during September 2019. You will benefit by investing your hard earned money in property. If possible, put off your major investment decisions till the last quarter of 2019 because by that time you will be able to find out more about the companies or projects you want to invest in. Your financial position is likely to improve especially towards the last three months of 2019. There are chances that you will be successful in recovering some pending payments or delayed funds which were written off as bad debts in your books during this time period. This will be very much beneficial to you because, on one hand, it will take care of your immediate expenses and, on the other, leave you some surplus amount for new investments. You are advised to use your funds to buy antiques and jewellery, especially in gold and platinum.

If you are aspiring to start a business, and looking for potential investors, be thorough with your business plan by September. You might come across a potential investor who can fund your dream project. But he/she will grill you before putting in their money; they will delve into minute aspects of the business plan to gauge your commitment and focus. So bring in absolute clarity before approaching them.

Sagittarius Health Horoscope 2019

Sagittarius, you are an adventure seeker and a power house of boundless energy, you are not one to shy away from exercise. This year you should focus on improving your dietary habits too and start eating healthy. Sagittarius health in 2019 will be good if you maintain an active routine to keep up your vigour and optimism, and, keep your body hydrated. Your body might get dehydrated during your vigorous physical workouts, so always carry a water bottle with you. During April, when Saturn turns retrograde, a health issue may arise for you. This will likely be related to your respiratory system. Someone in your family may be affected by a contagious disease during the summer of 2019; this may spread to everyone in the family. You need to take enough precaution to prevent it while taking care of him/her.

Digestive disorders for your children are indicated during Mid-2019. Therefore, take good care of the diet and hygiene of your children. Married women maybe blessed by lady luck in 2019, for they may soon find themselves in the role of a mother again or for the first time! Expectant mothers will not face any major problem when you enter 2019. You will complete your term safely and will be blessed soon. Follow all dietary restrictions and your doctor’s instructions with utmost care and you will feel just fine! Be prepared for some major changes in your life and a paradigm shift in priorities. You should try and Include yoga in your daily routine, this will make you feel much better health wise. Most of you are likely to see some improvement with a weight reduction regime. Be sure to keep it consistent, don’t quit it when you see good results, be consistent and watch what you are eating. The exercise that you have been doing will start showing positive results during September 2019. Heart patients and BP patients need to strictly follow their diet and medications and be very particular about not taking any risks. Also, make sure that you do not miss out on daily walks and workouts. This year you feel fine physically in general but might be a bit frustrated due to issues that have been troubling you at home and work. You should deal with these frustrations by channelizing your energy towards more creative activities. Recreational activities will help you stay relaxed and positive.

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