Jupiter rules Pisces and we will see the planet transiting, retrograding and entering progression state in 2019. The Pisces Horoscope 2019 has been put forth after carefully examining these planetary movements by Astroyogi’s expert astrologers. Mystical Pisces, 2019 will be bedazzling for you. Your ability to read people well and your understanding of your own needs should be capitalised in 2019. There are chances of a conflict with your mother during the April-May months of the New Year. You know by now how to self-soothe so make sure that you calm yourself down by treating yourself with something relaxing like a body massage.  Fill your inner well, so that you will never experience a drought of self-love. Comfort and joy matter to you so when you are planning a vacation in 2019 pick adventures far away from home that can feed these needs. Your rich imagination and a deep, sensitive soul will help you to showcase your artistic side in 2019. This year, you can expect new growth in spirituality and religious ideology. Intuition and gut feeling will help you a great deal this year, with business and personal relationships. Your intuition is one of your strongest qualities, not only you, but many of your loved ones also depend on it. Everyone around you deeply trusts your hunches, dear fishy friend.  

During April 2019, you will be called upon for help by a dear friend. He/she may ask you for guidance regarding a crucial matter in their life; it will likely be a dire financial situation. Trust your instinct on this one, and offer your friend the advice that immediately comes to your mind. Early spring of 2019 will bring you a wonderful and auspicious time of great positivity, my friend. You will experience a period of great health, energy and creativity during early January. During this time, artists and entrepreneurs will be able to produce great things in your business and artistic endeavours. By early December, you will see one of your biggest dreams begin to manifest! Hard work is a key ingredient for success this year; you need to reciprocate all that luck and serendipity from the universe with your honest efforts. You are not the competitive type, as deep down your kind and sensitive heart wants everyone to be successful. Your enemies are going to taste the dust in 2019, with the planets playing on your side.

Pisces Love Horoscope 2019

The Moon controls your love life dear Pisces, and it will be placed with Venus in your 8th house at the beginning of 2019. Be prepared for some choppy waters on the love front in 2019. Problems and friction in long-standing relationships and marriages may be caused by Rahu in your fifth house. The root cause of these problems could be misunderstandings and confusions. So it is advised to delve into these issues and make sure that you are not wrongfully convicting your partner for a mistake they haven’t done.  2019 indicates the death of toxic relationships and the emergence of happiness, contentment and bliss on the love front. Relationships which have been turbulent for long can be ended in 2019. It would be better for both parties as it is taking an emotional toll on both you and your partner.

You yearn for romance in your marriage, and you will enjoy creating a romantic ambience for your lover this year. During the April-May time period of 2019, you will feel that your love life is missing out on many things. Make your lover feel adored and let them feel the warmth of your love. Keeping it all inside and pretending to be a tough person will not work out for you in 2019. You should support them in all possible ways, they might not ask for it directly but you should understand their needs and act promptly. It might be peer pressure which leads you to think like that and you might be right about it. But you should be careful about how you communicate this to your partner. He/she should not find it offensive; this is something which you should take care of.  During June a doubt might crop up in your mind regarding a new relationship and some of your friends may bolster this doubt with their opinions and arguments. You should not take any harsh decisions before knowing the truth because not everyone around is wishing for your well-being. You may gather the strength and confidence to share a secret which you have been holding in your mind for long during the last quarter of 2019. You are most likely to get a positive response if you express your feelings to the one you love and confess wholeheartedly.  Romance will blossom for single natives during the latter half of the New Year; you need to stick to your romantic ambitions till that time period. December 2019 will see small arguments between lovebirds; give it some time as these issues can be sorted out.  Open conversations, dear Pisces, are most crucial for your love life in 2019.

Pisces Career Horoscope 2019

Jupiter in your ninth house at the advent of New Year implies that you will have a prosperous career in 2019 says the Pisces Career Horoscope 2019. Pisces, you appreciate creativity in all its forms, and you especially appreciate and enjoy the ability to express your natural creativity at work. So if you are caught up in the wrong job, 2019 will be the right time to find a new career of place of work for yourself. At beginning of the year, you may feel a bit suffocated work-wise; this may be due to the mismatch of the job requirements and your skillsets. Don’t give much emphasis on your pay if you are looking for job satisfaction. You will get recognised in your workplace if you are passionate about what you do and the rest will follow. Find an organisation whose vision is appealing and inspiring.

Try not to allow your frustration to overwhelm you this year, especially during April. By June you will feel a tremendous spark deep in your soul due to the effect of planetary movements at that point in time, and your inspiration will return. This is the time when the world will see your best work. You will also see a rise in your financial gains.

Online forums and social media platforms are good avenues for finding like-minded people if you are planning to start something on your own. Start building your online network for this, and post your ideas out there. You will be surprised by the overwhelming response you would get. With all these happenings in your professional life, it will be difficult to balance your personal life and to find time for friends and family. You should sit with them and make them understand the importance of this time period. Their support will give a boost to your energy level.

Pisces Finance Horoscope 2019

You need to plan your financial investments really well this year. This year your finances are not much dependent on your luck but rather on good decisions. There are possibilities of exceptional progress in this domain and also financial losses, because the manifestation of your destiny would also depend on your contributions and actions. As far as luck is concerned you will not miss out on anything due to the sheer deficiency of it.  You will successfully expand your business by new and innovative means, digitisation of your business and having an online presence should be given more emphasis this year. Employed Pisceans will get financial gains from a new skill they learn this year. This can be a certification program, or a course for learning a programming language. Employed natives should work hard during the April-May time period of 2019; you should be honest and consistent on the work front. The Pisces Finance Horoscope for 2019 suggests that you will be in a good financial situation by the end of the year, but only if you are wise and careful with your earnings. Always have a budget in place and focus on your financial goals. This will help you reduce the loose spending on frivolous items.  Your vibes should communicate to the universe that you respect your money, and you will be surprised by the surplus you will have by the end of the year. In 2019, your financial situation depends entirely on you. The stock market is one of the most lucrative investment options that you can consider this year.

Financial gains are strongly indicated and the profits that you earn will be much higher during the June-July months of the New Year. This is a good time to invest in short-term schemes that have a minimum guarantee on returns, like mutual funds. You are likely to start a new business venture this year if you have a strong aspiration to be an entrepreneur. A job shift will bring in a pay hike and will also cut down the daily expenses on commuting as there will be a higher proximity from your home to the workplace. Networking in the professional space will bring good results to sales and marketing professionals. Your past investments are likely to bring good results during September and October Months. This will ease the pressure of rising expenses off your shoulders.

Pisces Health Horoscope 2019

Your health and wellness are very much related to your spirituality and mental peace, Pisces. You crave a life of peace, tranquillity, and prosperity. You should keep your expectations realistic this year, and learn to cultivate inner peace despite the chaotic circumstances you will go through. For the sake of your wellness, in 2019, you need to work on controlling your emotions and making it easy for yourself to stay happy. Your anger, frustration or fear should not drive you, because then you will not be going in the right direction. This quality of yours will be put to test after the Jupiter retrogression on 11th April. A tension free mind is a must if you want to concentrate on your work. We strongly advise you to practice yoga, meditation or aromatherapy during 2019, it will work wonders for you. Be sure to include even more fruits and vegetables into your diet in the New Year.  Always stick to a healthy diet and reduce eating junk and oily food. You should give priority to your sleep and rest along with exercises and should try to strike a perfect balance between these two in 2019.

This year, you will benefit by adopting good habits and maintaining self-discipline. Try not to get upset over trivial issues; develop a positive attitude towards life. However, you need to strictly monitor your diet during the initial months of the New Year. Taking a nutritious diet will benefit your health immensely, especially older people. Preventive care works wonders for you this year. Some of you who have been suffering from physical ailments for long will have the tendency to rely on self-medication. No matter how used to, you are to the ailment and the medication; it is still advised to consult an expert doctor when your condition gets worse. There are indications that you may suffer from eyestrain; keep away from long hours at either the computer or T.V. especially if you are employed in the IT or ITES industry. You need to take better care of your health and change your unhealthy habits this year.  If you have a skin related problem or any infections, don`t neglect it and consult a dermatologist. Neglecting won’t help and instead aggravate the problem. Positive thinking and controlling negative emotions would work to your advantage this month. Daily exercise will help you to keep diseases at bay.


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