Sun transits are very significant for the Leo Horoscope 2019 as it is the ruler of the zodiac sign. The Sun’s conjunction with Saturn in your fifth house means that this is the time for you to shine, and to propel your career to new echelons of success. This is the best time to make that critical move which you have been procrastinating since long because this year’s placements promote victory and success over adversaries and hardships. Confidence is the key to success this year. You were never one to give in to inhibitions and fears. Fiery Leo, put your boldness and sharp instincts to good use as the time has come to claim your place in the workplace. The creative side of your brain will remain lit throughout the year and you will come up with many innovative ideas. You will stay very active socially and physically throughout the year. This will be a boon for you as a lot of travel is on the cards for you. Remember to augment your energy with plenty of rest and nourishing foods, take your meals as the expression goes, eat the Lions share while having meals. You may notice some illness related to your throat or skin during the March- April time period of 2019. Don’t neglect such small ailments as they may develop into bigger issues.

It will be effortless for you to get your own way around problems this year and you’ll conquer challenges that may have previously felt insurmountable. Remember you are the King of the Jungle! and you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. Your personal life continues smoothly but there is a restless energy here that drives the consistent growth and change. This may manifest as a new career move. 2019 is going to be fabulous for those who are artistically inclined, this is the beginning of a wonderful phase that begets creativity and helps you cook up some exciting new ideas. You are a true pleasure seeker, and 2019 doesn’t disappoint you in your pursuits. This year, you should only accept the starring roles, and learn to weed out all the bad scripts. You should be cautious about how you spend your money this year as there are chances of some frivolous expenses during May 2019 which will hamper your financial goals for the year. As far as personal relationships and equations are concerned dear fiery friend, you are a star among your circle, but you might have to be a little diplomatic when it comes to matters of the heart. Some emotional sensitivity from your partner can be expected. When December rolls around then you can relight your fire and push down the accelerator of your energy. This is the time to try that crazy, new adventure which you have recently been pondering and procrastinating about. You deserve a treat for all that hard work and a getaway with your near and dear ones would be fabulous.

Leo Love Horoscope 2019

Your fourth house will host Jupiter when we enter the New Year and the fifth house will hold the Sun and Saturn, indicates the Leo love Horoscope 2019. Leo, you have always been independent and carefree in your outlook, but this may lead you to appear emotionally unavailable for your partner. Reassure them and prepare yourself to make a few compromises after taking a look at the broader picture. Leos who are single and are looking for a fresh start and a fresh perspective to their love life will have to go the extra mile and put in the efforts for finding love and to impress their romantic prospects. Your passion sets you apart from all the other signs and you appreciate pleasure in the greatest of forms, your personal relationships are no exception. The year may start off with some friction and fracas, if you are married or if you are in a long-term relationship. Don’t worry; the planets will align in your favour in the latter part of the year.

 If you are looking for love, save your best moves for June as the cosmos will provide you with a window of opportunity to woo your partner during that time period. Be careful with your approach though, don’t try too hard, be yourself, and let your Leo charisma and majesty carry you over the finish line.  Aggression and ambition are best left at work, your romance needs a little more of your furry kitten touch rather than the roaring Lion that you usually are. Being gentle is the key here. Channelize your passion and vigour in the most romantic way possible: buy flowers, write poetry and conjure up a love potion if you can!

Leo Career Horoscope 2019

Venus governs your career and it will be in conjunction with the Moon in your third house at the beginning of 2019. Your career prospects in 2019 will be good, says the Leo Career Horoscope 2019. You will get multiple career options to choose from as you advance through the New Year. Your stubborn nature may pose problems at work this year. In early February you might come across a predicament, where you have to make a tough call. Your fine sense of judgement should be put to good use at this time. Try and stay away from drama during the first quarter of 2019 and focus more on work.

A great professional opportunity may present itself from an unexpected source. This might be the opportunity you have been waiting for, make sure that you don’t leave any stones unturned in its pursuit. You are likely to be entrusted with an important responsibility at the beginning of September. Prove your mettle during this time period to boost your career. This will work wonders for your confidence too. Students will have a really productive time this year, though there will be distractions, your determination and willpower will overcome them. Students will do well in their studies without too much stress. Studying overseas is also on the cards. Accounting professionals will have a prosperous year. A pay hike can be expected. Businesspersons will benefit from partnerships and are likely to do extremely well during 2019. Organizing your busy schedule may be a bit of a headache for you this year and personal requirements and family matters may affect your productivity during the latter part of 2019. Team effort and colleagues will come in handy in such situations.

Leo Finance Horoscope 2019

Mercury is the key significator here and it will be placed in your fourth house during the advent of the New Year. Your earning potential in 2019 is good, but you will also see a rise in your expenses, says the Leo Finance Horoscope 2019. This is a year of relative financial stability for you as compared to previous years. A small financial setback is on the cards during the Jupiter retrograde which begins on 11th April. This will most likely be due to minor oversights on your part. Don’t be too hard on yourself for making a mistake, make the necessary adjustments and move on. Your finances will be back to normal quickly.  Delays in payments or receiving funds are indicated during June and July. If you decide to play outside your “money comfort zone”, do it after good homework and analysis. You might receive a good investment suggestion from an elderly relative or friend. You will be rewarded with financial gain by the end of the year, as the Universe recognizes that you have taken a chance that you had previously declined. You will triumph in 2019, Leo! You will see self-improvement in many ways, and you will have many opportunities to reflect on your plans.

Knowing your generous nature, a good friend of yours might ask for some financial help from you in the latter half of 2019. Like a true leader, you know best that money is not meant to only be made and stowed away; it must be used for the greater good as well. However, caution in benevolence is advised.

Leo Health Horoscope 2019

You need to make some serious changes in your routine at the beginning of this year, Leo. Your unquenchable thirst for pleasure might have made you a slave of many unhealthy habits. First quarter of 2019 should be spent concentrating on lifestyle changes, suggests the Leo Health Horoscope 2019. You cannot just stop eating junk food in a day. Slowly start reducing your intake and then gradually stop it by mid-2019. Strength training regimen and aerobics should be given emphasis when you hit the gym. Engaging in something that interests your fiery nature, like spinning or zumba is a good idea. You may be troubled by some health issues during June 2019; this is induced by the planetary placements at that point in time.

After July your health is likely to remain fine. Those of you who were suffering from skin related ailments will find a cure and feel much relieved. Older folks may need to take special care as joint aches are indicated for you at this time. Rest and relaxation is a must for you. If you can find a good doctor or practitioner then start your treatment during September of 2019. During the last quarter of the New Year you may feel a bit unwell as your body may not be able to cope up with the changes in weather. Expect mood swings and a general lack of interest in things. Stress due to work load is indicated; your ability to see the lighter side of things would come in handy during this time. Ailments, if any, will be due to anxiety. This is a time period  when you`ll need to be a bit careful about your dietary habits as stomach related ailments might be a bit of a bother too.

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