Though Mercury transits are quite frequent, they are important considerations for the Gemini Horoscope 2019 as the planet rules the Gemini sign. Mercury will be placed in your 6th house at the beginning of 2019. This year starts with the cosmic blessing of domestic bliss and spending quality time with your loved ones. Your family will come to your aid as your support system and will stand by you through the most stressful times. You may plan a leisure trip with your family this year, and create some wonderful memories with them that will be cherished for years to come. After all, life is not just about pay checks and the bank balance. This year, Gemini, all of your hard work and dedication will begin to pay off in all aspects of life: career, family, love, health and finance. The Universe will start reciprocating to the hard work you have put in over the years, and the rewards will be plentiful in 2019. You may find it hard to remain focused and diligent in your efforts, by April you will be tempted to stop your perpetual efforts and a new goal may seem more achievable and interesting. Maintain the focus, structure and discipline in each of your endeavours. You being the most adaptive of all the sun signs can get used to any new endeavours. In fact, change is something you embrace wholeheartedly. You are always willing to accept and chase the “hot new thing”. You should not fall for this, you know how hard you have been trying and you cannot let all that hard work get squandered in vain. These temptations are induced by the retrogression of Jupiter on 11th April and the retrogression of Saturn on 30th April and will pass with time.

Students will have to work hard this year to achieve their desired goals and aspirations. Dear light-hearted friend, it’s time to stay focused; it won’t be easy for you but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. All your endeavours and undertakings will be well supported by your partner if you are in a relationship. Their moral and emotional support will give you a lot of strength and confidence. You may come across a lot of changes on the work front this year. But you will like most of these changes and it would break the monotony and the mundane nature of work which you are not really a fan of.  In the last quarter of 2019, you will be offered help by a senior to grow professionally. You should make the best use of this opportunity to surge ahead.

Gemini Love Horoscope 2019

Venus is the planet which would influence Gemini love in 2019, sitting in the 5th house at the beginning of the year. The versatile Gemini is always up for a challenge, well, the cosmos have granted you your wish, but with a pinch of salt, expect some challenges in your relationship or marriage during the early months of 2019. This will be sorted out gradually; you just have to deal with such situations with tact. So summon your quick thinking and wit, and, put all of your mind, body and soul into your romantic relationships. Your partner may feel neglected due to your amazing changeable nature which often makes you distracted. Your romantic affairs may be a bit strained in the initial months of 2019. But don’t worry; you will be able to sort things out. An old conflict which was not well sorted may resurface during this time. Early months of 2019 might prove to be a little tricky, for those of you who are searching for love, new relationships may not materialise. Save your best moves for the latter part of the year when luck favours you. Till that time arrives, just relax and let your hair down, and let love find you in its own time.

For the lovebirds out there, this year is full of sweet surprises. This year is best suited for wooing your partner and you should never miss out on an opportunity to do so. Make those special occasions count and come up with beautiful surprises for your partner. The impression of your deeds this year will last forever. Single natives will find their match by mid-2019 if they are persistent with their efforts. Keep things subtle and impressive. Show more of your genuine and humane side rather than flaunting your possessions. This slight change in the strategy can work wonders for you this year. There’s a surprise in store for some of you singles out there too, you may also find 2019 special as a past love interest may make a comeback into your life. This time you both will be more mature and ready to make some compromises for each other’s love and company. Such relationships may even lead to marriage this year.  If you are in a relationship and are facing obstructions from your family, then expect them to clear by the end of 2019.

Gemini Career Horoscope 2019

Jupiter in 6th house implies a good start for 2019. You will certainly grow in your career this year. Those who have been trying hard for a government job will reap the fruits of their hard work this year. Those who are just starting off with their career will seriously consider a new and better career option that will seem much more appealing and lucrative.  Many great opportunities will come your way during the September- October time period. One smart career move in 2019 will compensate for mistakes made in the past, so keep looking for that opportunity, says the Gemini Career Horoscope 2019. Always remember that time doesn’t wait for anyone, you need to sense when it’s the right time and then make the right decision. You need to be fully indulged in your work during the September-October time period. Anything which goes out of your desk should standout and should be unique

Your working environment and support from your colleagues will drastically improve in 2019 which will uplift your spirits. Pending tasks should also be dealt with, with the same vigour and enthusiasm as with new ones; your ideas will be very creative and innovative but you should also take ownership of them and see them to the end. No one would quite grasp your ideas and be passionate about them like you would be. Don’t be disheartened if you are not able to catch up with things on the work front like your peers. Your mind is different and has its own strengths and limitations, be patient and persistent. Don’t shy away from taking help from your colleagues in such situations. Prioritising your tasks is also important as you may be investing a lot of your time and energy on things which are not really important. Surround yourself with positive people and choose a mentor amongst the senior professionals who can guide you on the right path when you encounter some difficult situations.

Gemini Finance Horoscope 2019

Your finances look great this year, Gemini, as long as you focus on saving your money and invest wisely says the Gemini Finance Horoscope 2019. You may have wanted to start an investment for a long time. This year you will be able to accomplish such aspirations by June or July. You should think before you act when making important money decisions. You will see many new opportunities arising financially, but take some time to focus before you jump into the next hot investment. In December you will see your wise investments beginning to pay off.  For every investment you make, you should set a target return, and once you are able to get that you should be content with what you have. It is dangerous to chase the perpetuating notion of “the probability of higher returns”. Ideally, you should spend the first quarter doing your research and analysis of the potential investment. Second quarter should be spent narrowing down the right choices and then you can sit back and relax in the latter half of the year when you will start getting your returns. As far as entrepreneurs and businesspeople are concerned, you will become the undisputed champion amongst the competition when the planets are fighting from your side in 2019.

You will receive some unexpected funds, which you had written off, by midyear. This would give a boost to your earnings this year. Earnings from inherited properties and assets will also be significant. You may spend a considerable amount on maintenance of assets or vehicles this year. Parents may have to spend a good amount on the educational requirements of your child this year. But these are expenses which should not be neglected and will prove to be useful later on. You may also procure some new properties this year; look out for such opportunities during the transit of Rahu and Saturn in 2019. Property related formalities and paperwork may bother you during the April- May time period. This may cause unanticipated delays in your plans and you will be upset about these new developments.  Mutual funds and other stock market-related investments are expected to yield good returns this year. You may start an SIP, which you had been planning for since long. The bottom line is that though the stars favour you, you should still augment your luck with your own analytical skills and smart moves for financial prosperity in 2019.

Gemini Health Horoscope 2019

Your first house will host Mercury as we start off with 2019. The planet is of key significance in matters related to your health. Gemini health 2019 will be normal, there is no specific negative influence seen on the sign in general from the health perspective. You are advised to keep account of what and how much you are feeding your body as there are chances of getting overweight during this time period. Older natives may suffer from pain in their knees and ankles this year. Those of you who have been suffering from physical ailments since long might have the tendency to rely on self-medication. No matter how used to you are to the ailment and the type of medication, it is still advised to consult an expert doctor when your condition gets worse. There are chances of parts and functions of the body getting deteriorated due to this ailment, so an expert diagnosis may be required here.

Though health concerns will be minimal for you in 2019, be sure to do a health examination early in the year, around January or February. You may need to make alterations to your diet by adding a bit more fibre, and you may also want to restart your exercise regime in the morning. You like to exercise, but you get bored easily, so it takes determination to stick to this program.


Make sure you keep your body hydrated during the last quarter of 2019. You might take part in a mass event like a marathon this year, which will require a lot of strength and stamina. This event will allow you to push your limits and you will be surprised by your body’s potential.  

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