Saturn transits of 2019 are important for all zodiac signs, but since Saturn is the ruling planet for Aquarius, it is given more emphasis for coming up with the predictions for the Aquarius Horoscope 2019. You are one of the most independent signs of the zodiac; a perpetual seeker of truth and a true leader who refuses to follow the crowd. 2019 will be an exciting year for you as your ideas will cease to exist in the realm of your mind only and you will see many of your ideas turn into reality. However, the road is not as easy as you might imagine, the stars indicate that you will be faced with some strong challenges along the way; the universe will test your determination and consistency. Don’t give in to self-doubt and negativity, push through the trouble and you will find success waiting for you on the other side.  Being an air sign you might get obsessed with your opinions and viewpoints, as you feel they are crucial to your identity. Remember to relax at this time and take a step back from your thoughts. Sometimes a new way of looking at the world can bring in many benefits.  You will get an opportunity to be part of a creative project in the workplace during the first quarter of 2019. The project will be very appealing and interesting for you, and, you will completely indulge yourself in it. Your work and innovativeness will impress those around you. Trust your instincts and innovative ideas; this venture is sure to be a success. Springtime in 2019 will bring luck in love, dear airy friend, so be consistent with your efforts in that department. Expect a surprise gift from your siblings or cousins sometime around June 2019. Last quarter of 2019 may drain your wallet due to medical expenses; consider buying a medical insurance at least by mid-2019 if you don’t have one.

For health reasons, try to reduce sugar intake and processed foods.  A good diet is important for balanced emotions and mental health. It is natural for you to take charge in all areas. You bring a level of enthusiasm to anything you get involved in, in 2019. Endless opportunities are coming your way in all major aspects of life. You will make your partner feel grateful for having you in his/her life. At work, there may be a degree of tension during April 2019, but nothing that you cannot tackle. Fame has never been a motivator for you and it will be so in 2019 also, in fact, you see yourself above such things. The last quarter of 2019 is a romantic period for you, you will feel the need to share, exchange and communicate with your loved one. Romance will be even more exciting if your partner is an air or fire sign, sparks are sure to fly!


Aquarius Love Horoscope 2019

Mercury rules your love life and 2019 starts off with the planet in your tenth house along with Jupiter. Those of you who are seeking love should let go of their cognitive microscope, and, start accepting the gifts of companionship with more openness and gratitude.  Consider the character and intent of your love interest before disdaining the proposals that come your way. Those of you who are divorced or are recovering from a break up should not shy away from getting into a new relationship, there is good news for you as the stars are aligned in your favour and you will meet someone in 2019 who is really compatible with you. Major conflicts among married couples are seen in April 2019. Sort out things with a cool head, and be wary of what you say during those heated exchanges, because they may cause some serious wounds to your partner. Your personal life will remain stable throughout the beginning of this year, Aquarius. In March, you may be feeling a bit annoyed about the deeds of your companion. The reason for this distress is your high domestic expectations, and you feeling that your partner is not holding up to their end of the bargain.

Those of you who are searching for love may finally be shot by the cupid’s arrow, and, may get lucky during a social event in July 2019. The love-stakes would be high as you may finally have met the special one that you’d been waiting for. You are advised not to skip any such events during this time period, because you never know when lady luck might come knocking on your door. The chances of a romance blossoming at work are quite high as well. Seems like life is going to be all chocolates and love songs during mid-2019 Aquarian. Be a little subtle about your intense opinions and philosophical discussions at work in 2019. Try and make the first impression on your love-interest a gentle one. Dress well and pay attention to personal hygiene and grooming. Your helping and caring nature may be found most impressive by them. Financial difficulties may cause some friction in your relationship during September. Open communication is crucial, stay away from making assumptions as they are only going to lead to disasters. During December 2019 your love interest may have a chance to interact with your family. You should give enough clues to both parties regarding each other’s tastes and preferences to avoid any sort of predicament. Married natives may bump into their ex’s during the last quarter of 2019 unexpectedly.  You might start thinking about them more during this time period. Tread with caution as there are no treasures to be found in the depths of the past, focus on the present and cherish the life you have today. Spouse and children will be the source of energy for married natives in 2019, embrace the time spent with them.

Aquarius Career Horoscope 2019

Mars has a strong hold over your career. The New Year will start off with this fiery planet in your second house. Your craving for better returns and growth will be the driving force for all your actions and plans this year, Aquarius. You will not be happy with work if your creativity is not used well there. You may intend to quit your job during April this year due to the stress and tension induced by work or due to friction with your colleagues or superiors. You should not be hasty in your decision and should wait for better prospects to present themselves.  A fresh career cycle will probably start by June 2018. Business development managers are likely to crack some great deals during this time period. Interpersonal and communication skills should be given emphasis if you wish to grow in your career, combine it with your accumulated knowledge, the plethora of contacts, and enthusiasm and you will witness real firepower for boosting your career prospects.

Enemies may disguise as supporters during September 2019 to misguide you and to slow down your fast-paced growth. IT professionals should consider taking up new courses which will enhance their skills and knowledge in 2019. During the last quarter you will find more people who want to work with and for you, impressed by your skills, down-to-earth personality and loyalty. New partnerships should not be entertained during this time of the year as there may be some hidden clauses and motives. Make sure that you get all promises and clauses in written, which are legally enforceable, don’t plan to move forward without this.

Aquarius Finance Horoscope 2019

You will be proactive about investing your money and this will earn good financial returns for you in 2019. A dormant investment or hereditary asset may suddenly start providing you with good financial benefits during the initial months. Look around you to find the needy, a dear friend of yours might be facing financial issues and may require your help during the early months of 2019. You should always reserve some funds to meet a few unexpected events that may have a huge impact on your finances.  Carefully go through any documents before approving them with your signature, especially during April-May months. Financially, everything will remain stable, this year. You will get extremely good results of any new ventures and businesses you start during this time period and these will bring you huge monetary gains as well. A small financial loss is on the cards during the Jupiter retrograde from 11th April. This episode will teach you a valuable lesson in business/investment.

Don’t go for hefty bank loans to fund your requirements this year, try to source it from your circle if possible. Around September 2019 expect a significant expenditure. This will not be an unnecessary expense, but something essential, such as medical or legal expenses which are unavoidable. You should not procrastinate about the things which you could have done with that money, as it is beyond your control. Life is usually very stable for you on the financial front, Aquarius. You have great respect for money, and you are always careful to organize your finances. In August and September of 2019, you should refrain from lending money. This might be against your generous nature, but you need to try and hold back this month. Learn to say “no” at times, it will help you in the future as well. In September you will feel much freer regarding finances, and you may reach out to the needy during this time period. October will be a prosperous time for you money-wise, Aquarius, and your pocket will be quite heavy! If you are thinking of making a large purchase, such as a new car/bike, new furniture or appliances for home, this will be a great time to acquire them. 2019 is the year to let your creative juices flow, Aquarius. Your free-thinking philosophy and unique ideas will be appreciated and recognized this year.

Aquarius Health Horoscope 2019

Aquarius, you admire and seek honesty above all. So let us be forth coming with respect to your health in the year 2019. Your health will be a mixed bag in 2019, with periods of being hale and hearty followed by bouts of sickness. You may overtire your mind and body due to the hectic work schedule. You may find that you are falling sick frequently during the initial months, only half the blame lies with your weak immune system the other half can be attributed to you pushing your body to the extreme.

The middle of the year brings some relief as your mental stress will be reduced by some positive changes on the work front after May 2019. A stomach related problem might arise during the June-July months. You have to be very particular about what you eat and follow the advice of your doctor strictly. Having a good exercise regime will resolve weight gain issues in 2019. You will sense a boost in your energy levels when you start losing that extra weight you’ve been carrying around. During the Saturn Retrograde in April you may experience some tension, headaches, and, muscle strain due to stress. This may be induced by some obstacles that you will be overcoming in your career, all will be resolved soon. So don’t worry. In the meantime, do some things to assuage the stress and to increase your sense of relaxation and well-being. Take a break from work; spend some quality time with family and friends. This year, sound health and abundant energy will enable you to cope with a hectic schedule without any difficulty in general. However, do not forget to plan some recreational activities and getaways to get some much-needed rest and relaxation. Your home may be full of activities during the June-July months that will have you running from pillar to post. Luckily you will be able to sail through the year with little difficulty thanks to good health and the free flow of energy.

With an increase in relaxation and positive energy in your life, you will feel physically and mentally positive. Negative and depressive thoughts may elevate your anger and the sense of insecurity during the June and July months. This may cause problems for Aquarians who are diabetic or have blood pressure issues. Though health concerns will be minimal for you in 2019, be sure to do a health examination early in the year, around January or February. You may need to make alterations to your diet by adding a bit more fibre, and you may also want to restart your exercise regime in the morning. You like to exercise, but you get bored easily, therefore, it takes determination to stick to this program. If you are suffering from heart-related issues, then reduce your non-veg intake, especially red meat ,and, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Your diet should be healthy consisting of green-leafy vegetables and very less oil.

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